Free Sage diagnostic health check!

Whether you are using Sage 50, Sage 50c, Sage 200 or Sage 200c, or Sage payroll, if you are experienced or new to the software, you can always do with an additional pair of eyes looking over your system. Just for peace of mind!

We are offering a free non – obligation review. The offer is open to all business regardless of size or type.

if your business is based in North London through to the South East Midlands, K Consultants will visit your premises, review your setup and processes free of charge, spending between 1-2 hours, we will provide you with a summary report of any recommendations from our findings. Could you be using your system more efficiently, does your stationery layout look the best it could be, do your documents have your company logo displayed or are they plain with simply your name and address. Questions we can answer, Why do the debtors or creditors totals differ to the nominal ledger? How to link your payroll to the main accounts? How to control a users access to specific areas? We need more detailed management reports, can I email from the accounts to my customers and suppliers? Answers to these questions and so much more,

We will answer your questions, even the ones that you think may be silly…. there’s no such thing – if you’ve thought it, we will try and answer it! Hopefully your system is working to its full potential, meeting and surpassing your companies requirements, if not we will provided recommendations and suggestions to enhance your system and  increase productivity?

Next Steps…

Let us help you to make a difference. K Consultants are based just south of Bedford,  We always aim to deliver exactly what you, our client needs and requires to run your business effectively & efficiently.

We’re the experts that give you Time to run your Business, just contact K Consultants, email us or fill in the details on our contact form  – see how we can make your work life more productive

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