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Need an extra pair of hands, a freelance consultant, implementation or training
Working with Sage Business Partners as freelance consultants, we assist in everything from pre-sales, through to implementation, consultancy and training.


Calling Sage Business Partners, why use K Consultants?  do you need an extra pair of hands, whether on Sage 50c, Sage 50 Payroll or Sage 200, we are experienced Sage Consultants and end users with in excess of 28 years of working on the Sage product range?

We currently work with various Sage Business partners as Sage qualified consultants, predominately on Sage 200 in all its varieties, but also Sage 50c and Sage 50 Payroll, assisting in everything from pre – sales, through consultancy, implementations and training.

Business partners use K Consultants because, we can save them money, we provide a personal service to your clients, but we never forget “your clients are your clients”, but we treat them as our own and take personal pride in providing both you and your client the excellent service that you both need.

K Consultants provide support for business partners, both remote and on site, for those occasions when you find that you are short staffed. We can fulfil the gap in the work force when, staff are away ill, on leave or whilst you are recruiting new staff. When you need an expert, but don’t necessarily want or need to have a full-time employee on your payroll, we can be there. We are experienced consultants and in our time as Sage Consultants have worked in every business environment that you can think of from Accounting practises, Construction, Waste management, Clothing retail, Catering equipment wholesale and retail, Manufacturers from bubble wrap to crash test equipment, Water and Oil industry, Insurance & Banking, PR organisations Doctors practise’s and Education, the list is endless.

Why Partners Choose K Consultants

How can we help you?

Here’s how:

7 reasons why you should be working with K Consultants.

  1. Money – We can save you money.
  2. Consultants – From the Pre-sale through to support, we can do it all, you pick what assistance you need.
  3. End users – We bring the answers to the questions your client asks.
  4. Experience – We have a wealth of experience which we bring to every organisation that we come into contact
  5. Product knowledge – Over 28 years working with Sage software.
  6. Pride in excellent personal service – we always go the extra steps.
  7. Save you Money! – Out sourced business specialist bring clarity.

There for you and your clients.

As Sage consultant’s we have been involved from the initial sales demonstration through consultancy and strategy planning, software installation, implementation, training and support, both on site and remotely. We are aware of many of the pitfalls before they occur so we can advise you the business partner of any potential issues that may arise.

In addition, what we bring to you the business partner and your client is the fact that we have been end users of the Sage software, we have been there as company secretary, financial controller, accounts department managers, we know that the ups and downs of running business. We have worked in accounts departments in a vast variety of businesses, from Accounting practice, Manufacturers of printed circuit boards, IT Software & Hardware House, Steel Wire Rope manufactures, Garage door & Commercial door manufacturers & installers, Serviced office providers, CCTV security, Mail order distribution, Food processing, to name but a few.

We have worked at all levels, from the office junior processing data entry, ledger clerks, credit controller, office manager, management accountant, financial controller, group financial controller, company accountant, company secretary, so we know the ropes, we know how to get the job done, what the headaches are, where the bottle necks are, we know through our first-hand experience what works and what doesn’t work.

We have been around since Sage Sterling and Sovereign and as such our knowledge of Sage product is considerable, back when Sage rebadged to Sage Line 50 & Sage Line 100, long before Sage MMS and Sage Line 200, then as Sage 50 and Sage 200 and now Sage 50c and Sage 200 in all its various guises, Standard, Extra on-line, Financials, Commercials, Project Accounting, Bill of material and BI modules we been there, Sage 50 Payroll from the days of DOS to pension and auto enrolment. We have been there for our clients working in every conceivable business environment,

We are approved and certified business partners in our own right, again reducing the cost to any Sage business partner, knowing that we are accredited and we are here to help you keep your costs to the minimum,

Your clients deserve the best at all time, our aim is always to assist you in providing that excellent service.

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