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Kay Waller

Meet Kay:

Hi, I grew up in London, Hampshire & Essex, Moving to Hertfordshire in 1987, now living in Bedfordshire.

My working career has been in predominately been in the accounting world.

Over the last 28 years I have worked in accounts departments as ledger clerk, credit control, payroll manager, accounts manager, finance manager, Sage consultant and company secretary, to name but a few roles! As a consultant I advise clients on a variety of subjects far more than just Sage. In my previous roles as a consultant I worked with many different organisations, accountants, engineering, construction, education, health care, manufacturing, insurance and service industry.

I enjoy working with people, helping to make their  daily routines the best they can be.

Key focus as this moment in time is payroll and auto-enrolment, it really doesn’t need to be a nightmare.

I love spending time with my family, all grown up now, but all living close by, I am currently working with a national charity, Young Enterprise, whose aim is to empower young people to harness their personal and business skills.

Jonathan Waller

Meet Jonathan:

Hi, Jonathan or Jon here, I grew up in Watford,  Hertfordshire, attending Queens School. Same as Kay I am AAT qualified, but experience goes ways beyond. I have worked in a variety of organisations over the years, predominately with Sage accounting software, varying from construction, CCTV security, food processing, serviced office facilities. I spent 8 years as a Sage consultant for a leading business partner, working with an array of clients, from  aero industry, steel producers, catering equipment suppliers, pharmaceuticals, toy manufacturers, including a local university student union.

I enjoy working with and analysing  the data in the system, producing informative management reports interpreting the data is key to a successful business!

When work and home life allows, my main hobby is driving and maintaining my 1964 series 2a soft top Land rover, which for it’s 50th birthday having fully restored it, I drove it with my wife down to Morocco, and spent a month driving through the Atlas Mountains, Sahara Desert, along deserted beautiful beaches, an amazing adventure.

There for you and your clients.

At K Consultants, we work with various stakeholders within your company to format a concise and comprehensive Staff handbook, ensuring all aspects of your company policies are included.

“Off the Shelf, one size fits all” doesn’t work for many organisations, we can help keep employers and employee aware of their responsibilities making life easier for all.

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