Sage 200 Commercials

An optional module for Sage 200 & 200 Extra

 Sage 200 Commercial Modules

Fast, accurate and automated response to Your product demands.

Sage 200 Commercial Modules

The Commercials module is an option that supports Sage 200 and 200 Extra. The module makes responding to product demands quick, accurate and fully automated.

The module comprises –

  • Stock Control
  • Sales & Purchase Order Processing
  • Price Book.

When you install the module, we support you by reviewing and advising you on the structuring of your stock item codes, product groups, serialised or batched items. We make sure your coding system is both consistent and uniform.

We’ll formulate a strategy for you, ensuring that your customer is presented with sensible and logically generated codes.

Sales order processing
We’ll advise on capturing key transactional data that provides clarity for both you and your customer at the point of invoice production and also for analysing customer turnover.

Managing the supply chain
We’ll show you how to use the module to manage every element of your supply chain – from stock management, purchase order processing and stock order processing.

Sage 200 Commercials Module

More for your business

Sage 200 Commercials offers:

  • See the full story of an order, from initial point of contact to order fulfilment.
  • Source goods worldwide and record purchases in up to 100 currencies.
  • Apply automated authorisation limits and alerts, authorise orders remotely and keep track of any amends or order issues, such as incorrect deliveries.
  • Compile order lists for all your office locations based on purchase orders so you know what stock to order and when.
  • Calculate a running total when you’re matching invoice line items to orders.
  • Record disputes giving you a full audit trail within the system.
  • Get the best deals from suppliers by recording details of price history, price history and lead time.
  • Track your stock, identify inactive items and count your most valuable items.
  • Manage discounts, promotions and margins so authorised staff can negotiate on prices.
  • Control stock items by serial or batch number, include criteria like ‘sell-by’ and ‘use-by’ date.

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