Business Analysis

Working with the Staff at all Levels

Ensuring that your business changes are aligned with your business objectives

Business Analysis

The first step towards transformation

You have a good business. OK – a great business!
But is it reaching its full potential? Is there more to achieve?
Perhaps now’s the time to look at how your business works – your systems and processes.
Are they fit for purpose?
Or, more precisely – are they fit for your purpose?

What’s working for you … and what’s falling short
This is where K Consultants come in. We’ll work with you, examining closely every aspect of your business processes. Of course, we’ll talk with you about your business – your goals, your successes and your challenges. But we won’t just leave it there. We’ll also listen to your directors and your managers. In fact, we’ll spend time with all your relevant employees – anyone who works with your systems or is impacted by them.

How we work
We’ll find out what’s working well, where your systems are falling short and why they’re not achieving what your business demands. We’ll establish your business requirements and analyse specific business needs within various departments.

  • We’ll look at the inter-relationships of your departments, identifying and evaluating options to improve your business systems.
  • We’ll review your current software and business systems and analyse their performance.
  • We’ll recommend changes in strategy, structure, policies, information systems, business rules and processes.
  • We’ll ensure that any changes we recommend align with your strategic goals.

We’ll design, implement and structure complete bespoke training programmes essential to developing the growth of the individuals and teams within your organisation.

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