Sage 200 Business Intelligence

Accredited in Sage Business Intelligence

Let K Consultants show you how to gain useful insight into your business performance, unlocking the information held within your Data.


Recently accredited in Sage Business Intelligence – let us show you how to gain Useful insight into your business performance – unlocking the information held within your Data!

The Business Intelligence module is the complete business analysis tool that comes as standard with Sage 200 Extra yet many Dealers do not enable the product!

It enables you to explore your data across every aspect of your business. You can identify customer and product trends and measure performance against difference benchmarks.

Sage 200 Business Intelligence

What can it do for you?

Sage 200 Business Intelligence can:

  • Use powerful analytical tools to slice and dice data quickly and easily and inform your decision making
  • Build your own tailored reports and bring data to life using charts and graphs
  • Share business data widely across your organisation
  • Explore scenarios to see the effectiveness of investments or changes
  • Create personalised dashboards and automated reports


In a recent Sage survey of customers they found that most clients only use around 20% of the features and functionality in Microsoft Excel but 93% of customers use our software alongside Excel.

Despite it being a crucial tool for businesses, many people are self-taught to rely on colleagues for help – taking up valuable time you can’t afford to lose.

Utilising the sage back end database (SQL) and Microsoft Excel, creation of Management Accounts, Trading and other Custom Reports within Excel allows both Sage Users and others the ability to view and work with key business indicators. We offer Customised and company specific reports that will substantially reduce the time spent in generating the information you need to run your business efficiently.

Sage 200 Business Intelligence

What can it do for you?

Why K Consultants?

How can we help you?

Why choose K Consultants & Sage?

  1. Tried, tested and reliable software
  2. Save time – by getting the system to work efficiently
  3. Personal tailored system specific to your business.
  4. Save you money – You get to know your system better, reduce those bills.
  5. Individual specific training
  6. We have been there as End Users – we know the pain and the shortcuts!
  7. Sage Consultants since 1998
  8. Experience all business types at all levels
  9. Product knowledge, Sage 50c, Sage 50 payroll, Sage 200 Extra, Standard & on Line
  10. Pride in providing an excellent service, working to highest standard.

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