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Whatever the size or type of your business, Sage provides the solution.  –  K Consultants provide the support.

Sage Software

As specialist accountancy consultants working with Sage products, we’ve supported countless businesses. We’ve amassed a vast array of experience and Sage know-how to successfully help businesses of numerous types and sizes with their accountancy processes.

In the early days, we worked with Sage Sterling and Sovereign. We then progressed through all the different Sage incarnations, up until the present day, with all versions of Sage 50c and Sage 200 We also have in-depth knowledge of Sage 50 Payroll 

We’ve worked with clients from every conceivable business environment –

  • Accountancy practises
  • Construction
  • Waste management
  • Clothing retail
  • Catering equipment
  • Manufacturing
  • Water, Oil & Gas
  • Insurance
  • PR
  • Medical
  • Education

And that’s just scratching the surface!

If you decide to invest in Sage – what’s the next step?

Every business is unique. It has unique goals, unique successes and unique challenges. This is why, once you’ve invested in Sage software, it’s vital that you make the most of its capabilities. After all, Sage is astonishingly comprehensive. K Consultants is here to make sure you maximise its potential. With our help setting up and configuring the software, you’ll save countless hours of time and effort.

We don’t just know Sage from ‘the outside’. We also know it from the end-user’s point of view. We have direct experience of using the software as office junior, ledger clerk, credit controller, office manager, management accountant, financial controller, group financial controller, company accountant and company secretary. We’ve lived through the most difficult accountancy challenges that can afflict businesses, but we’ve also experienced the benefits of smooth, hassle-free peace of mind that come with Sage.

Sage software – creating a sense of control and freedom

We know how resistant to change employees can sometimes be. We understand their reluctance to adopt new ways of working. We also know how to work with your staff – listening to their challenges, overcoming their hesitancy. We work with them and train them to become competent in using Sage and to enjoy the sense of control and freedom that it brings to their working lives.

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Sage Software

Which aspects of Sage can we help you with?

Why K Consultants?

How can we help you?

Why choose K Consultants & Sage?

 10 reasons why you will want to choose K Consultants:

  • Save you money – You get to know your system better, reduce those bills.
  • Get the reporting to make sense to you.
  • Save time – by getting the system to work efficiently.
  • Personal tailored system specific to your business.
  • Individual specific training.
  • We have been there as End Users – we know the pain!
  • Sage Consultants since 1998.
  • Experience in all business types and at all levels.
  • Product knowledge, Sage 50c, Sage 50 payroll, Sage 200 Extra, Standard & on Line.
  • Pride in providing an excellent service, working to highest standard.

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