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Bespoke training for you and your staff

It is important to remember that staff are often customers of one another as well as the obvious external customers.


Everyone has soft skills, some people have more/better skills than others, some of us need help to develop our soft skills for our everyday lives. What are Soft skills I hear you ask? These skills are the building blocks that define you as the individual that you are.

As an employer, you are looking for a particular type of person to fulfil a specific position within your company. When you are selecting potential staff, you are wanting to ensure that the person can do the job and be confident that they will “fit” in the role and the company, i.e. how one individual relates to another. Communications, the manner in which a person speaks to one another, character traits, attitudes, career attributes, social intelligence and emotional intelligence quotients, adaptability, organisational and problem-solving skills to name a few.

Soft Skills Training - K Consultants
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 K Consultants will create bespoke soft skills training session for your organisation and your teams, tailoring the course to achieve your ultimate company aims.

Two core types of course; Working with management to aid their recognition of the companies’ soft skills requirements, whether it is team building sessions, customer service.  Staff training, it doesn’t come naturally to everyone how to answer the telephone, or how to answer the telephone in the manner that the company requires, communications, team building. That’s where we can help.

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