Soft Skills Training

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Is your business a people business?

Do your people treat each other with the same consideration that they treat their customers?

Soft Skills Training

Soft skills are the human skills – the ones that govern how we behave towards each other. They are skills that, in the workplace, are often neglected – usually at huge cost to the company.

There are two types of soft skill – first, the skill which relates to how your employees treat your customers. Second, but equally important, are the skills required to treat each other with the same degree of consideration. Fail to nurture these soft skills, and the impact can be considerable. Poor staff relations mean – low morale, low productivity, high staff turnover and high recruitment costs.

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Building a harmonious team

 As an employer, you will want to build teams that work in harmony – both with each other and with the other teams. A part of the recruitment process, you’ll want to take on individuals with the right personality – people who will fit with

  • the role
  • your company ethos
  • each other

This is the area of soft skills, which often revolve around communication – how individuals speak to one another, their attitudes, social intelligence and emotional intelligence, adaptability, and organisational and problem-solving skills.

We’ll create and deliver bespoke soft skills training sessions for your teams, tailoring the course towards your company’s goals and ethos.

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