The Pain of Business Growth

When you set out in business to make your life and the world a better place, I’ll bet that you never realised then what the difficulties would be! – Are you spending so much more time on administrative and operational things rather than selling your products & services. Having to Work with disjointed and unworkable existing systems, you know what you want to achieve but this system just will not give you what you need – that feeling of dread – preventing your business from passing this plateau.

All those last few years – entering Customer Information, gathering the data that you want – anything that will give you an insight into your sales trends, the customer demographics, Sales Turnover, top customers and suppliers. It is all in the system somewhere but just not in the correct place. You have adapted from day one, as and when things have happened and what seemed like the best way then has now become garbled, you are struggling to see the wood for the trees

We are like you – we have had the same worries & fears, we can help you because we have known this pain! When you start in business, your accounting system and procedures are not fully formed, things change and you adapt. This goes on and before you know it, a couple of years down the line and you have all this data and Information but, it is in the wrong place and your accounts do not work the way you need to expand and flourish!

Let us help re-structure your software systems to produce the meaningful and important management information you need to make those decisive decisions. Having spent years working with hundreds of clients, assisting them, advising of best practice. Working with key people within your organisation to find out the core information from your historical data and bring that up to date, standardising that data and most importantly trying to fill in the blanks!

– Yes this can be done to a very high degree of accuracy. When Sales Orders are entered, different users may well have omitted some or all of the additional fields available to help build up customer profiles and trends. Once these orders are processed and completed, it’s too late to go back and re-visit, to capture that key information that you really needed! Using different parts of your system and comparing the information that you do have, we can rebuild or correct the missing or inaccurate fields. Letting you see the true picture.

In essence ‘Future proofing’ your accounting structures to easily allow growth and sales expansion.

During this process we advise and train your staff and users on procedures to make best use of your software investment. Showing them how to use your system to its best potential. Demonstrating that by recording all the required information, that the information gleaned is useful and will help in analysing and spotting trends – allowing greater focus on the most profitable parts of the business.

It doesn’t just stop there. We have regularly found that with both new and ‘upgraded’ accounting systems, in order to achieve the sales. So many business partners do not carry out any ‘in depth’ business analysis, finding out what you, the client really wants and needs. These out of the box systems are not helping you! Problem is that to obtain the very best from your investment you should expect to pay pretty much the same in consultancy and training as you’ve spent on the actual software….

So many dealers will regularly not quote or tell you this because it all comes down to price at the end of the day – that double edged sword, an early investment will usually reap rewards early in the implementation and the chances are that this is rarely taken up. Don’t worry – all is not lost. We have the ability to address the situation. In extreme cases, starting again can be a solution and we have done this for a number of clients however it is also possible to re-engineer your existing data! Expanding upon the core, taking what you have and rebuilding the existing with changes to allow for business growth. Take your existing Nominal and extend the number of characters, in essence an immediate and long term benefit for both Sales and Finance. Adding structure and value to your system.

Perhaps as changes have happened within your Sales Ledgers and Purchase Ledgers, the account numbers are random and not working as they should. Maybe even you’re implementing a 3rd party software solution, these fields do not link correctly? Again, coming up with a solution to fix this is what we do. Ensuring that your system works for you, the way it needs to.

With a fresh set of eyes looking at your systems, we can Introduce time and cost saving measures to streamline and automate those every day processes – saving you money and making your systems work harder for you.

K Consultants will

  • Find out what you really want from your system
  • Review your existing systems
  • Offer up some immediate ‘fixes’ to help – You don’t know what you don’t know!
  • Suggest possible work arounds or solutions to your problems
  • Work with you to plan and schedule improvements
  • Test / Trial these plans with you to ensure they deliver the required results
  • Advise Staff of the proposed plans and their associated benefits
  • Consult with Staff and management upon subsequent feedback and amendments
  • Implement the agreed plans
  • Check with users that they can use the amendments successfully
  • Ensure the information is meaningful and accurate
  • Confirm that the relevant information reaches the correct staff
  • Ascertain that the revised systems are working as required
  • Confirm with Management & Senior Staff that we have delivered what you require
  • Offer up other solutions that may well benefit your organisation
  • Follow up at various intervals to confirm that your systems are still performing correctly

We are based in Bedford, Bedfordshire, having worked with clients throughout the region, focusing upon Milton Keynes, Northampton, Cambridge, Oxford, Luton, Stevenage, Hemel Hempstead, Watford and North London. Yet carrying out projects up and down the country – our goal is offering you the bespoke solution from within your standard Sage 200 or Sage 50c system!

Just supposing we can turn that chaos into calm, taking the fragmented and fractured process into a productive calm and profitable business – K Consultants – We’re the experts that help you make money, just a call, email us or fill in the details below and we will contact you – see how we can make your work life easier!

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