If we could use technology to get the information from our back office accounting systems and report on that information as management accounts, don’t you think that would save so much time? 

If we could do this automatically and with some ease, then we could spend more of our time analysing the figures that are produced, hopefully further improving and enhancing the performance of the business, by looking at trends, by looking the information that is supplied therein. 

We have a few tools to hand already that can help us to do this;

One is the Microsoft ODBC reader, as part of the standard version of Excel. 

Another one is sage sequel services, sequel database contains all the sage 200 information and we have a methodology and the power to be able to analyse this, report on it and actually spend more of our time looking at the results rather than compiling them.

This gives us time to really take into account the nature of the way the business is performing and spot trends to analyse giving us the ability to be able to enhance the way the business does it’s business because we have greater information at our fingertips. 

Don’t you think that’ll be really interesting? Worthwhile looking at? 

See if we can actually save you money by assisting you produce better and quicker, faster more accurate management accounts. 


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