Save money, save time and make your business more efficient.


K Consultants have long been associated with Draycir Ltd, and their Spindle software, from the days when Spindle allowed custom design stationary to be produced with Sage line 100 DOS. Things have come a long way since then – Sage 200 now sits on a SQL Platform and these products save you time & money, making your life easier!

Both Jon and Kay recently updated and expanded their accreditation to include;  Spindle Document Distribution, Spindle Document Capture, Credit Hound & Spindle Self-Serve for Sage 200.
Learn more about how these packages could enhance your working practises and cut your costs.


Draycir products integrate with many ERP and accounting system, the aim to reduce workloads streamline credit control and document management.

Encode the document and away you go, No more printers jamming, no more folding invoices & statements, no more envelope stuffing, no more opening the post, no more filing! More money saved, more time gained, more office space available.

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