I just wanted to take a few moments of your time to talk to you about your stationery layouts. 

Before you go “oh no why stationery layouts” 

Surprisingly they’re important. 

They are your shop front, they’re what your customers see and they reflect you and your business, and the professionalism of your business. 

If you’ve got fields higgledy-piggledy all over the place, it makes it hard to read and they just look nice. 

Years ago what everyone used to do was they would have a printing company that they would send the details to. They’d send over the logos, the fonts, pantone colours, rough design of what they wanted. The printing firm would then make a design, send it back for approval. The company would amend it change it, back and forth it would go between the organization and the printers until there was a design that everybody was happy with. 

The printers would then print a number of boxes full of stationery, as much as your heart’s desire. And you’d then load it into your printer as and when you wanted to use it and merge it with your accounting software to produce your documents, whether it be your purchase order requests, sales order acknowledgement, invoice, statements, and the likes. 

Nowadays things are a little bit more easy and a lot more cheap. I.E. You haven’t got to pay for the paper, you haven’t got to have all the postage and the time it’s taken to get everything off the printer and fold it up and put in envelopes, because you can design that all within your accounting software. 

What we do for our clients within sage 50 and sage 200 is design this stationery so that they have those similarities between them all; we use your logos, how you want them to look, design it to look how you need it to look, with all the fields all nice and neatly lined up. 

There is nothing worse than finding that fields aren’t lined up and the date fields a little off skew with where it says the reference or something like that. 

We like it to look all nice neat and professional. 

We can embed into the background, watermarks and various designs we can even do it so that each of your customers has their own special looking layout so they know that you have taken the time to tailor it to them. 

It makes it feel just that little bit more special. 

You want your stationery to stand out. And when I say stationery, as I said, I do mean PDFs, because when they’re attached to emails, they’re stationery. 

Its surprising the amount of companies that still print it off at the other end to file it away, rather than electronic filing.

Just bear that in mind when you’re designing things. 

Either way it will save you money to have your stationery looking nice and neat and professional. So please do give us a call and let us have a look at your layouts and see if we can make some improvements. And help you to look very much the professional business that you are. 


01234 818 028

Kay Waller 

Kay Consultants


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