I’m calling all accountants and auditors. 

Yes you did read that correctly – accountants and auditors. 

I know it’s not the sort of call you get very often, I was hoping to get your attention and talk to you about some of your clients, the ones, particularly, that are using to Sage 200. So the SMEs and the larger corporates. 

As you will have found out Sage 200 is a slightly different to Sage 50 which is very popular with a lot of organisations. Sage 200 sits on the sequel database and is a lot easier to be able to extract information out of – if you know how. 

As accountants and auditors you provide all the financial information that your customers need at the end of the month or end of the year, and help them with their HMRC submissions for their corporation tax, VAT returns, under MTD and the likes. 

What we’d like to help you do is provide them with further information so you can add value to your clients. 

Help them to find out things like their sales trends. 

What of their stock items are fast-moving items? 

What are slow moving items? 

Where they get the most profit from? 

Which region of the country works most efficiently for them? 

Do their trends go up and down during the course of the year? 

Help them find all of this out. 

All this information is held within Sage 200, it’s all there it’s just about knowing how to extract it. 

So as added value you can help your clients extract that information, whether it’s by a standard sage report or whether it’s actually by interpreting the database directly via sequel using views and the likes. We can explain how to use those, helps you understand how the databases work and is put together. 

Sage 200 is a wonderful system in so much as it has closed period accounting, so unlike Sage 50 that allows you to post any form of date into any period, Sage 200 doesn’t. When a period is closed, unless you reopen that old period, it’s closed. 

So although you can enter an old date, it will come into your current period, making your accounts far more accurate and correct. 

It’s the way that accounting should be done. 

So we can help you make sure that your customers are getting the best from their system. 

One of these services that we offer some accountants is we spend some time with them teaching them and their staff how to use the Sage 200 better. So they know their way around it and they can get the best out of it for when they’re going working with their clients, whether it’s on-site or remotely. 

It just makes life so much easier for both parties if you understand where everything’s held. 

So if you can think of a few things that you need, give us a call we may be able to help you and in turn help your clients. It will help to add to that added value, maximises the investment that everyone has made in time and materials. 

Kay Waller

K Consultants


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