Quick question for you – health checks; when did you last have your accounting system health checked? 


We’re all very well aware in this day and age that we should be looking after our own physical and mental health, but what about the health of our accounting system? 


Whether you’re a Sage 50cloud, Sage 200 or Sage Payroll user, experienced or a novice, an additional pair of eyes can sometimes help look at the system – just to give you a peace of mind and that’s what we’re about – helping you to understand your system and make sure it’s working for you properly, not you working for the system. 


We offer a free remote no obligation review, open to businesses of all sizes and types, our consultants discuss with you, your pain, struggles and your high points, what do you want to achieve from your accounting system, Let’s spend an hour or 2 looking over your system, after which you will be given a summary report of our findings, recommendations and suggestions.


Basically it’s a case of, could you be using your system more efficiently, let’s see.


Take a look at your stationery layouts;  simple things to fix, does they have logos on?  Are you emailing them to your customers and suppliers, or are you still posting everything ? We can sort this out for you saving you both valuable Time and more importantly Money!


Is it’s a case of the boxes don’t quite line up, it doesn’t necessarily look quite as professional as it could, so the fields are all align, showing you how to do it yourself.


Those little niggly things that haven’t been urgent, but you would like to get them resolved. Recently it was mentioned in passing, “My creditors, it doesn’t agree with my nominal ledger, is this something you could help with?” The answer is Yes, likely as not it is down to 1of 3 issues. The reason was quickly identified, mystery solved.


Typical questions; “We use Sage50 Payroll, and 200cloud or sage 50cloud but, can we integrated so we no longer have to post journals each week/month, can you help us?” Simple answer is Yes. You need to set up the nominal link, let us show you how, automatically posting the journal between payroll and the main account system, Saving time and Money yet again. 


Q: Can we control the access our staff have to the system? Most certainly.


Q: Can our Sales Director just view the customer details and what is outstanding?


Menu can sometimes be large and daunting, make them user friendly.


There is awful lot of information in your accounting system. Sales trends, top spending customers, best customers, suppliers, fast/slow moving products and the like. let us help you get information out, into a useful tool, providing KPI’s and sensible management reports. 


There is never a question that’s silly, we’ve all heard ‘Oh, can I just ask one last question, it’s a bit silly…’ No, it’s not silly, if you need to ask the question, you need an answer. find out that answer – Ask.


It would be great if your accounting system is already meeting and surpassing your company’s requirements, but it is always a valuable exercise to have someone independent take a look and just maybe provide some recommendations and even suggest some enhancements to your system – to increase your productivity. and profit.


Call now, you have nothing to loose and lots to gain. initial review under current condition is remote by Telephone/Zoom/TeamViewer, completely free of charge, no obligation whatsoever, pop us an email at info@kconsultants.co  or give us a call on 01234 818 028, we’re always here to listen. 





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