To Cloud or Not to Cloud –

Sage 50c, Sage 200c – Did you know this little c represents ‘Connected’ not Cloud!

Yes they can be hosted locally or within the cloud, yet your connection and access is secure.


Those seeking the Clouds!

Again Sage Live – continues to Improve – it will grow into the next generation of Sage Offerings AND is Sage’s only Cloud Hosted App! Watch this space, the Next Generation of users will love Live! It is very mobile friendly – both for data entry (your staff entering Sales Invoices or expense claims when out and about) more importantly for accessing increasingly complex reporting requirements and management information

Back down to Earth….

Sage have just launched the latest 200c Winter 2017 Enhancements, spurred on by the insatiable desire for automation.

Bank Feeds

Sage Bank Feeds continue to be improved with the introduction of ‘Rules’ allowing the system to remember additional information, further speeding up the reconciliation process


Budgets… Gosh there is now an additional field available – Original Budget Values! So we can finally have multiple Budget comparisons to actuals! – again enhanced with the Excel Reporting function (but only when subscribing to Services Extra) – thinks we may be able to come up with work-arounds when using our Sage to Excel reporting!

Document Storage/Capture

Sage Document storage/archiving has been introduced to allow archiving of some documents with user access control for security, yet they currently still don’t have PL Remittances. – it allows a lite document management system with enhancements for the future no doubt.

Microsoft Office 365 Integration

Sage have stepped up their game with more information available using the Office 365 plugin / app

Contacts and Account balance information could now become available ‘on the go’ with further ability to add and amend contact details – all helping to capture the correct details for your clients and suppliers.

Some historical trading data is available too, Is it useful if you’re about on the road and need the very latest transactions.

It’s a good start and things will get so much better

Obviously there are a few bug fixes too – Thank you Sage 😊

If you want to see more – just follow the link…


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