Staff Handbooks

Off-the-shelf & one-size-fits-all doesn’t always work

A Staff Handbook is one of the most vital tools in managing your staff effectively.

Does your handbook contain the essential for your business?


All staff handbooks must cover a numerous number of subjects, these can vary from business to business. As an employer, you need to clearly define what is expected from your staff. This will only enhance your organisation, allowing it to run efficiently and effectively.  The staff handbook sets the structure which ensure fairness and consistency throughout your organisation and when required will support any disciplinary procedures.

It will also mean that dealing with misunderstandings or the occasional problem become more straight-forward.  Each of your employees must have access to a staff handbook, whether this is a hardcopy or digital, making clear the policies and procedures of the organisation.

Below are a selection of essential subjects that must be included in any Staff Handbook, many organisations opt to have additional subjects that are pertinent to their company, to personalise to the business.


Handbook Essentials

Subjects that should be covered

The essentials :

Below are just 8 of the many subjects that should be included in any staff handbook.

  1. Absence Management Procedure
  2. Alcohol and Drugs Policy
  3. Company Mobile Phone Policy
  4. Company Vehicle Policy
  5. Disciplinary Procedure
  6. Shared Parental Leave
  7. Smoking at Work Policy
  8. Social Media and Internet Use Policy

There for you and your staff.

At K Consultants, we work with various stakeholders within your company to format a concise and comprehensive Staff handbook, ensuring all aspects of your company policies are included.

“Off the Shelf, one size fits all” doesn’t work for many organisations, we can help keep employers and employee aware of their responsibilities making life easier for all.

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