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We have you covered with in excess of 28 years Sage Software knowledge
Sage Accounting software have it covered and with K Consultants you have it covered too from the initial consultation through to implementation, training and support.


As consultants working with Sage products, we have been around for so long, we have worked on Sage Sterling and Sovereign as they were. Before becoming Sage Line 50 & Sage Line 100, long before Sage MMS and Sage Line 200, then as Sage 50 and Sage 200 and now Sage 50c and Sage 200 in all its various guises, Standard, Extra on-line, Sage 50 Payroll from the days of DOS to pension and auto enrolment.

We have been there for our clients working in every conceivable business environment, Accounting practises, Construction, Waste management, Clothing retail, Catering equipment, Manufacturers from bubble wrap to crash test equipment, Water and Oil industry, Insurance, PR organisations Doctors practise’s and Education, the list is endless.

We have been there, as end users, having worked at all levels, from the office junior processing data entry, ledger clerks, credit controller, office manager, management accountant, financial controller, group financial controller, company accountant, company secretary. We know the nightmare that you sometimes have to go through to get the job done! We have been there and understand the pain that a business can get wrapped up in. Simply because “that is the way we have always done it!”  doesn’t mean it is the only way, where staff are working to their limit, no time to stop and look, no chance to review the processes, sometimes it takes someone from outside looking in to ask that all important question “Why”.

We have a wealth of experience which we bring to every organisation that we come into contact.

Sage Software

Which aspects of Sage can we help you with?

Why K Consultants?

How can we help you?

Why choose K Consultants & Sage?

  1. Tried, tested and reliable software
  2. Save time – by getting the system to work efficiently
  3. Personal tailored system specific to your business.
  4. Save you money – You get to know your system better, reduce those bills.
  5. Individual specific training
  6. We have been there as End Users – we know the pain and the shortcuts!
  7. Sage Consultants since 1998
  8. Experience all business types at all levels
  9. Product knowledge, Sage 50c, Sage 50 payroll, Sage 200 Extra, Standard & on Line
  10. Pride in providing an excellent service, working to highest standard.

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