Using the Draycir Spindle document management system has become second nature for automating document processes from quotes through to Order Acknowledgment, Invoice handling, Customer Statements, Purchase Orders & Payment Remittances…. I could go on – the list is huge! and then we still find things it will do that Just save you time and money!

Back, Way Back, that’s how it all started

We at K Consultants first met the team at Draycir back in 2003! – At that time there was really only pre-printed stationery and a couple of printer driver emulators available for most companies to work with. Clients would always be asking for a solution to cut their costs and allow personalisation to make their brand and offering really stand out! – The team at Draycir were that ‘Breath of Fresh Air!’ I was so impressed with what they could do, we had to get them on-board!

At that time Sage was Line 100 and DOS Based and Spindle delivered! suddenly we could see the light! The company was pro-active and the product evolved. As Sage developed Windows based solutions, Spindle was enhanced. Sage MMS and later Sage 200. They Partnered with Draycir and the code required to efficiently control Document Distribution was incorporated within Sage. The team at Draycir never stood still – always enhancing, giving us a little more, expanding the possibilities! Oh and I played – trying to find new and ingenious ways to get more from it, both within Sage and also Word, Excel, Crystal Reports… so many systems could incorporate their commands and all you had to do is press ‘PRINT’ and watch those documents fly out to their recipients!

Overview of a few projects

  1. Client U only has three main customers, All the respective customer paperwork features watermarks of that clients products – promoting brand loyalty!
  2. Client C needed SKU numbers in Bar-code format for use in Excel as well as Sage. Spindle was able to do this as standard and saved the client £££’s as a one off project and greatly assisted their stock control system too.
  3. Client T needed to attach an Excel backing document to substantiate every Invoice they sent to Expedia (Travel) – They automated the process and kept a very exacting client happy delivering exactly what was required and in a professional format.
  4. Client W – gosh we never got them to stop using dot matrix ribbon printers for some of their work, yet they Loved the Supplier Statements! Red Overdue Messages and the aged amounts highlighted to stand out
  5. Client B incorporated Spindle on a server and used it with SMTP to automatically send out contracts with lists of stock items, notes and comments within minutes of the customer signing the electronic keypad with the salesman.
  6. Client X has their 3rd party software encoded with Spindle commands that automatically archive Invoices in a HMRC Folder in case of VAT Inspection & also attached to each Sales Ledger Account for Credit Control purposes
  7. Internal Sales Team…. used to send out Quotes in Word, till a client sent it to a competitor! They now send it as a .pdf – ok its not that secure still, but the professionalism is there and you sometimes have to draw a line
  8. Used with Word to create Headed letters rather than pre-printed stationery
  9. Finance Department use it to distribute site Aged Debt reports to multiple locations
  10. I use it all the time to save and archive documents locally

These are a sample of how flexible the product is and there are so many more

If you like what you’ve seen and want to know more, just contact us for a chat and we will gladly try and assist you – Finding Solutions that work for you is what we do


K Consultants are Accredited in Spindle Document Distribution & Capture, Spindle Self Serve and Credit Hound

If you would like to know more – just click on this link: or go directly to the Draycir Website so you could download a trial version and see the technical specifications:


Save money, save time, show a professional and efficient face to your Clients and Suppliers and make your business work the way you want it to.




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